Publishing has fully recovered and all systems are working as expected.


YouTube has resolved their issue and we have resumed our ingestion feed. Deliveries via feed from throughout the day are beginning to process. Please allow extra time for content to fully ingest and publish.

YouTube Engineering has deployed a fix and we're waiting for delivery systems to recover. Once we've confirmed the outage has resolved, Vevo will resume ingestion and any previously queued deliveries will be processed. As we expect a backlog of deliveries, we expect a longer than usual wait for deliveries to process. We'll continue to provide updates as we approach recovery.


YouTube Engineering has identified the issue and are working quickly to resolve. We'll follow-up once completed to provide updates on incident recovery.

Vevo has paused all inbound deliveries. This means, if you're delivering content to Vevo via feed, your content will not be processed and ingested at this time. This has been done to avoid publishing failures down stream while we await a resolution from YouTube. Once the outage is resolved, Vevo will resume ingestion and any deliveries that had been queued will be processed.

YouTube is actively investigating the issue. We will continue to provide updates while this is investigated.

We're still experiencing severe delays in processing and delivery failures on YouTube deliveries. No new information is available.

Please avoid content deliveries, if possible, at this time.

YouTube has acknowledged the issue but no additional update is available at this time.

All content deliveries and metadata updates destined for YouTube are impacted. If you have the ability to hold non-priority content deliveries, we suggest doing so until this issue is cleared.


YouTube is experiencing delays in the processing of new content and updates to existing content. They are investigating.

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