We've now resolved the incident. Vevo Backstage and related content systems should now be functioning as expected. We are continuing to investigate the root cause.


This outage is now impacting searching and viewing content in Vevo Backstage. We are still working on a resolution.


While we continue to investigate the underlying issue, Vevo Engineering has made changes to work around the failures. With this, systems should be working as expected but we continue to investigate the cause and monitor all services to ensure the platform is working properly.


We're continuing to investigate the Content Services Outage.


Vevo Engineering has identified the issue and made adjustments to resolve the issue. We are working to ensure any impacted content is published or updated properly.


For content partners who deliver content via feed, deliveries may also be impacted in addition to Vevo Backstage. Our teams are continuing to investigate.


We're continuing to see intermittent issues with access to content, including updates.


Access to content has resumed, however, we continue to investigate the cause.


We're investigating an error when trying to access content or related sections.

Began at:

Affected components
  • Feed Delivery/Publishing
    • Ingestion
  • Backstage
    • Videos
    • Pre-Release Embeds
    • YouTube Premieres
    • Thumbnail Optimization
    • Cards Tool
    • Channel Assets Tool
    • Channel Creation Requests