YouTube Feature Updates Unavailable


We've now resolved the incident. Thanks for your patience.


This issue may also prevent certain channel updates if the channel was created after February 1, 2023. The updates that may not be available include:

  • YouTube Channel Avatar,
  • YouTube Channel Banner,
  • YouTube Channel Description,
  • AdWords Linking, and
  • YouTube Channel Trailer.

We're working with YouTube to resolve the issues preventing Vevo Content Operations from making specific updates to YouTube channels and/or videos that require manual processing. These requests include the following:

  • Updating YouTube Handles,
  • Pinning comments,
  • Adding moderators,
  • Adding approved channels for Live Redirect,
  • Edits to channel pages, and
  • Removing captions.

The Content Ops team has identified an issue that will affect some YouTube features while we investigate. At this time, the following features are affected:

  • Editing YouTube Handles
  • Pinning Comments
  • Adding moderators
  • Adding approved channels for live redirect
  • Editing channel homepages
  • Manually removing/adding captions

Please anticipate a delay with any of the above requests you may have sent to Content Ops today.

Began at:

Affected components
  • YouTube