YouTube Premieres / Avatars and AdWords Outage


We've now resolved the incident. Thanks for your patience.


We've implemented a fix and have been monitoring closely. While it appears the underlying issue has been corrected, we are working on long-term solutions to avoid further issues. Additionally, Content Operations are continuing to monitor YouTube Premieres.

Regarding YouTube Premieres, Vevo Content Operations will be able to manually action these requests. However, because these must now be done manually, requests must be for times within business hours (4a-9pET). Requests outside these hours will be rejected.

Regarding Avatars and AdWords updates, we are not able to manually action these requests at this time. We are updating our processes to accommodate requests and will update our support site with details accordingly, once available.

Any additional questions, please contact

YouTube Premieres are experiencing an outage in addition to Avatars and AdWords. Due to the nature of the outage, we do not expect a resolution in the short term. We are continuing to investigate and will update pending YouTube Premieres with relevant information.

We've solved the issue impacting YouTube Premieres. However, YouTube Avatar updates and AdWords linking is currently unavailable. An unforeseen change has locked our ability to make these updates. We are investigating alternate solutions.

We are also investigating another issue that is currently affecting the Google Adwords feature and are looking into a resolution.


We're investigating an issue that is blocking YouTube Premieres from starting. We've identified the issue and are looking into a resolution. Vevo Content Operations is monitoring videos currently scheduled and will update individual requests as necessary.

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