We've now resolved the incident. Thanks for your patience.


Packages are beginning to process normally. Vevo is working on re-processing any failed deliveries.


We are again seeing issues with YouTube impacting content deliveries and updates. YouTube is investigating.

We are sorting through all failed deliveries and working to resolve them. Due to limitations, we cannot prioritize content over others but are working to resolve anything that did not publish properly. Once we process all content, we will provide updates.


YouTube has implemented their fix and new deliveries are processing as expected. Deliveries impacted by the failure may need to be re-delivered. We are working on a solution.


YouTube has identified the issue and is working to implement a fix.


We are seeing a reduction in delivery errors as it appears to be normalizing. We are still monitoring as YouTube investigates.


YouTube is experiencing errors ingesting content. Their engineering teams are aware and investigating.

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Affected components
  • YouTube