We've now resolved the incident. Thanks for your patience.

We have reconciled all content originally impacted by this outage and all content should now have proper YouTube IDs. We are continuing to monitor and ensure all conflicts are resolved.


The patch has been implemented and new deliveries are processing normally. However, content that was delivered during the outage is still being reconciled. Those impacted were delivered successfully to YouTube but the YouTube URLs (IDs) are not reflected or visible in Vevo Admin/CMS/Backstage. Because of this, updates (including takedowns) are not possible. Please contact Vevo Content Ops with any urgencies.

We are working towards a solution for this issue. Please also note, content is publishing to YouTube but not being reflected (including the YouTube ID/URL) to the content. This also means once new content is published, we are unable to send additional updates. Please adjust workflows accordingly.


An update was pushed to YouTube's system that has caused errors in Vevo systems. We are working on a patch.


We're investigating an issue regarding YouTube deliveries on new content.

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